Nikkei Asia: Sony shifts bulk of camera production from China to Thailand, but will remain in the country for the local market

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Sony Group has transferred production of cameras sold in the Japanese, U.S. and European markets to Thailand from China, part of growing efforts by manufacturers to protect supply chains by reducing their Chinese dependence, Nikkei Asia reported on January 29.

Sony's plant in China will in principle produce cameras for the domestic market. Until now, Sony cameras were exported from China and Thailand. The site will retain some production facilities to be brought back online in emergencies. 

After tensions heightened between Washington and Beijing, Sony first shifted manufacturing of cameras bound for the U.S. The transfer of the production facilities for Japan-and-Europe-bound cameras was completed at the end of last year. 

Sony offers the Alpha line of high-end mirrorless cameras. The company sold roughly 2.11 million units globally in 2022, according to Euromonitor. Of those, China accounted for 150,000 units, with the rest, or 90%, sold elsewhere, meaning the bulk of Sony's Chinese production has been shifted to Thailand, said the Nikkei Asia report.

On the production shift, Sony said it "continues to focus on the Chinese market and has no plans of exiting from China."

Sony will continue making other products, such as TVs, game consoles and camera lenses, in China for export to other countries, said Nikkei Asia. 

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来源:爱集微 #Supply chain# #Sony# #cameras# #Thailand#



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