Chinese automaker SAIC Group and mobile phone maker OPPO set up a joint laboratory and launch a vehicle-smartphone integration platform

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By Greg Gao

Chinese leading auto manufacturer SAIC Group and its software subsidiary Z-ONE(上汽零束) teamed up with Chinese smartphone giant OPPO to establish a joint laboratory and co-launch a software platform for vehicle-smartphone integration, which are named as “Ecological Domain,” the three firms announced on August 24.

According to Z-ONE, the Ecological Domain is a brand-new IoT concept. It integrates its “Galaxy full-stack solution” and OPPO’s intelligent cross-terminal system “Pantanar.” Based on the smart car, the largest mobile IoT platform, auto electronic architecture, and service-oriented software platform, the Ecological Domain will be deeply integrated with smartphones and connected to other IoT devices to cover home, travel, and office scenarios.

The Ecological Domain platform could realize the discovery and connection of devices through the extensive compatibility of the underlying protocols and supports the establishment and expansion of the ecosystem in data transmission, software and hardware frameworks, and standard establishment. It reduces the cost of integrating cars and personal devices, so devices of different brands and models can be freely connected. The platform solves the problems of current smart cars’ fragmented software and hardware capabilities, high cost of solution switching, and lack of cockpit ecosystem services, said Z-One.

OPPO, SAIC Group, and Z-ONE have initially specified the product format and basic technical framework of the Ecological Domain, achieving technological breakthroughs in data security, technical operations, ecosystem services, and standards, and hold more than 100 related patents.

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来源:爱集微 #Markets# #IoT# #OPPO# #SAIC Group#



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